Emergency Services

  • We offer direct contact with our dentists post-surgical procedures for all our patients.
  • No registration required for new patients.
  • Active treatment carried out on the same emergency appointment.
  • Same-day root canal treatment or tooth extraction services are available even for complex surgical wisdom tooth extractions.
  • Sedation and the Wand painless injection system are available for anxious patients.
  • Exceptional care from a highly experienced, qualified and ethical team of dentists and hygienists.
  • With an in-house panoramic x-ray with CEPH, we can diagnose any condition as accurately as possible.

Dental Trauma

this is an image for dental trauma

Dental trauma is the physical injury of the teeth, mouth and its supporting structures. Dental trauma most commonly occurs due to a sporting activity especially during contact sports such as rugby or football.

Dental emergencies requiring medical attention may include:

  • Dental Avulsion or Knocked Out Tooth
  • Cracked, Broken, Fractured, Split or Chipped tooth
  • Damage To Orthodontic Devices or Tooth Restorations
  • Tooth Forced Into Gumline or Jaw
  • Oral Cuts To Gum, Tongue, Lips or Mouth

Cracked or Broken Tooth

The type of tooth damage determines the appropriate dental treatment required. The different types of tooth damage include:

  • Tooth Fracture or Break
  • Artificial Tooth Fracture or Break
  • Dental Restoration Fracture or Break
  • Infected Tooth
this is an image for a protective mouth gaurd
Tooth Fracture or Break

Natural teeth may sustain injuries that result in a broken tooth cusp, tooth chip, tooth split or even crack. A tooth fracture may be hairline thin or in more serious cases, it can extend into the pulp or near the root of the tooth. Early treatment through emergency dentistry ensures further breakage and prevents spread of infection. Treatments such as white composite filling or bonding may be used to restore a chip or crack on the tooth.

Artificial Tooth Fracture or Break

It is possible for artificial teeth such crown-supported bridges, dental implants, or dentures to also experience a fracture or break. At Just Dental Care, our emergency dentists offer both repair and replacement services for bridges, dentures and implants.

Dental Restoration Fracture or Break

If a tooth with a dental restoration (crown, cap, inlays, onlays) breaks or fractures, the dentist will evaluate the damage to determine the appropriate treatment required.

Infected Tooth

An infection in a tooth is a dental emergency and should be treated as early as possible to prevent the spread of infection. If the infection is not addressed, it may spread to the pulp and roots and lead to build-up of pus around the tooth and in the gums.

Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked-out tooth or dental avulsion occurs when a tooth is forcibly removed out of the mouth causing damage to nerves, blood vessels and gum tissue. A child or adult can experience dental avulsion due to an accident or injury. In such a circumstance, go to your dentist immediately as this is a time-sensitive matter and delay will result in the tooth being unsavable.

  • Childhood Avulsion
  • Adult Avulsion
  • Dental Avulsion and Missing Tooth
Childhood Dental Avulsion

If your child experiences dental avulsion, there are 2 important things you must do.

  • Call your dentist and book an emergency dental appointment
  • Place the tooth in milk
this is an image of a knocked out tooth

Ideally the knocked-out tooth should be placed underneath the tongue so that it is submerged in saliva. However, as this may be a choking hazard for children, the next best thing to preserve the tooth is to place the tooth in (cow) milk. Do not put the tooth in water or any other solution!

At the dental clinic, the dentist will make an effort to re-implant the tooth in the child’s mouth. This is because baby teeth that prematurely fall out may cause the other teeth to shift in the mouth and cause functional problems later on in life.

Adult Dental Avulsion

If the tooth is not completely knocked out, do not pull on it or attempt to remove it from your mouth. Try to keep it in place in the socket.

If the tooth is completely knocked out, place it underneath your tongue or in cheek. Immediately go to your dentist for optimal health results.

Dental Avulsion and Tooth Replacement
this is an image of dental implant

If a tooth is lost, not able to be saved or treatment is not sought in a timely manner, the missing tooth may leave a gap in the smile.

Although some individuals opt to live with the missing tooth, gaps have the potential to cause improper bite, misaligned teeth, difficulty chewing, etc. Furthermore, teeth gaps tend to trap food particles that promote plaque growth and bacterial infection which cause cavities. Aesthetically, gaps in the bite tend to shrink facial volume which result in a tired, aged look.

Dental treatments for missing teeth aim to provide healthy oral function and enhanced facial appearance. Patients have a range of treatments to choose from, including:

  • Dental implants to serve as substitute tooth roots
  • Artificial tooth restorations (crowns, bridges or dentures)

Tooth Extraction

Although it is the dentist’s goal to preserve the patient’s natural teeth, extenuating circumstances may require the extraction of a tooth. These circumstances may include but are not limited to:

tooth extraction
  • An impacted wisdom tooth that is causing pain or infection
  • A broken tooth that is no longer capable of restoration
  • Infection of the gum, oral disease, such as periodontitis and caries
  • Tooth decay caused by extensive damage or cavities


image of man in severe tooth pain

At Just Dental, our emergency dentists treat children and adults who suffer with severe tooth pain and toothaches. Pain associated with teeth may arise for a number of reasons. Only a dentist can identify the underlying cause and recommend the appropriate treatment plan.

By attending regular six-month appointments, you can prevent future toothaches. Biannual appointments enable dentists to identify a decline in oral health and treat dental and gum disorders before they become toothaches and cause oral pain.

Broken / Lost Filling or Crown

this is an image of loose dental crown caps

Losing a dental filling or crown may only become apparent when sensitivity develops in the exposed tooth. This may occur if the condition is left untreated as dental decay or infection may set in. Seeking dental care as soon as possible is recommended to prevent bacterial growth at the site where the tooth is now exposed. At Just Dental, our emergency dentists are on hand to provide treatment to restore damaged or lost dental fillings and crowns.

Dental Care for Lost or Broken Fillings or Crown Caps?

Contact our clinic to book an emergency dental appointment when you have recognised loss of a filling or crown. If you were able to find the crown or filling that has fallen out in your mouth, take it with you to the dental appointment. In some cases, it is possible to re-bound the crown back on the tooth. However, a replacement will be required if it is lost.

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